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Fabiano Caruana Books Place In Grand Chess Tour Finals After Beating Wesley So In Playoff

World championship challenger Fabiano Caruana of the US defeated his teammate Wesley So in the playoff for the 4th place thus cementing a spot within the finals of the Grand Chess Tour circuit 2018.

Within the mini-match consisting of two game rapid chess games held on the Saint Louis Chess Club on Tuesday, he defeated Wesley So with a margin of 1.5 - 0.5 to book his berth to the finals. He joins Hikaru Nakamura, Levon Aronian and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in the last event at London to be held in December 2018.

After winning the Candidates tournament in March 2018, Caruana's kind continues to be thus boding well for the world championship match in opposition to Magnus Carlsen which may even be held in London in November 2018.

Although Caruana has collectively won the Sinquefield Cup along with Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian, he was not seen because the clear favorite within the tie-break matches towards Wesley So. There are separate rating lists for fast chess (games lasting for about 1 hour totally) and blitz chess (about 10 minutes), Fabi can do it shirt and in both of them, Caruana has been positioned a lot decrease than Wesley So.

In rapid rating, Caruana is ranked twenty sixth on the planet with a rating of 2738 while So is 2nd on the planet with 2852, whereas in blitz he's 36th on the earth with 2709 against So's twelfth place and 2800 points. Thus, Caruana's track report in the quicker versions of the game has not been as spectacular as So.

However, Caruana's type within the Sinquefield Cup and the previous Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz event have been comparatively favorable. Wesley So started because the clear leader of the Grand Chess Tour Grand Prix points at the start of the Saint Louis events, however slipped down in standings because of his performance in those events. Therefore, his kind and confidence going into the tie-break at the moment were the detrimental factors compared to his track file in the format.

In the first game which was a Catalan opening, Caruana with black items adopted a comparatively new concept of Chinese GM Bu Xiangzhi played towards Indian Vidit Gujrathi originally of this month and seemingly neutralised white's advantage easily. The game was drawn in 33 moves from a dry rook ending.

The second game was an absorbing affair, with Caruana utilizing his white items and probing black’s position from the beginning. In a strategically advanced game arising out of a Nimzo-Indian defence, Caruana was once once more the first to show a new thought on the 11th move, creating a complex centergame position. So reacted admirably and the game liquidated into an equal ending with rooks and a bishop for each sides.

As soon as the tipgame began, Caruana started taking part in a highly subtle and constructive form of chess, elevating his enjoying energy admirably and slowly outplaying So. When both the gamers reached less than a minute on their clocks, Caruana’s hold on the position tightened and gained deservingly on the 62nd move.

Results - Grand Chess Tour tie-break for 4th place:

Caruana (1.5) beat Wesley So (0.5). Caruana advances to the final four event.